Secret Shopper, Covert Undercover Employee and/or Process Determination can all be done for you!

Often a business owner or manager has suspicions that something in the workplace is just not right, or there may be concerns with employee behavior. When properly administered, an undercover empolyee will reveal more information than most security systems or video cameras could ever hope to uncover.

We can assist you in determining if there is reason for concern regarding:
*Work load
*Who is completing assigned tasks
*Suspicious behaviors
*Missing Equipment or supplies
*Substance abuse
*Workplace violations
*Compliance issues
*Supervision issues
*Work productivity
*Safety issues
*Illicit Activity
*Inappropriate Sexual Contact/Acts

Our undercover “employee” is able to catch nuances, build trust, and develop leads that create a better understanding of the situation or the locale. Our covert operatives provide clients with the intelligence they need to address a specific problem or to confirm that their concerns were unfounded.

We provide Management with timely reports to keep them informed of the investigation’s progress. We will also advise what course of action should be taken based on the information gathered.

To learn more about our Undercover Operations, contact us today.

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