Social Media

Just Results Marketing can assist you in developing a custom strategic social marketing campaign that leverages solutions on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, blogs and other social community sites to achieve your marketing goals. Our services include consulting, training, technical set-up, content creation and social profile management.

Social Media Marketing Consulting

Just Results Marketing offers a full range of social media marketing consulting programs that can be customized to our client’s needs. We help you measurably improve your online efficiency and results. From creating and implementing a bold launch plan, to social media strategies, our consulting will help you take your social marketing to the next level.

Social Media Marketing Technical Setup and Design

Presentation is half the battle in social media marketing. You want to “wow” your audience with the great first impression. Social media platforms are like your home or vehicle. You call in a plumber to fix the toilet, roofer to fix the leaky roof and take your car to the mechanic to make sure the vehicle is running optimally. Likewise, you have your car detailed and presentable or you have an auto body shop repair the car exterior so that the car doesn’t look dented, damaged or old. We are your social media roofers, plumbers, mechanics, detailers and auto body repair. We’ll set up the technical aspects of your social media platform and give them that shine through detailed graphics and visual presentation. Our team will also make sure that when you get the driver’s seat, you and your passengers will feel comfortable and impressed

Social Profile Creative and Content Creation

Look at the any of the most followed brands of social networks; some are big brand names and some are small companies. What do they all have in common? One well thought out creative direction! Companies really need creative direction with content on the social web. You have to engage, entertain, invite, amuse and inform your audience to get attention and interaction with your brand. At Just Results Marketing, creative direction and content creation is a specialty. Let us help you develop, design and create the contents your customers will love.

Social Profile Management and Maintenance

Social Media Marketing can be quite overwhelming and time consuming. After all, it is public relations, customer service, advertising, sales and marketing all rolled into one. It’s certainly not a 9 to 5 job. Social media is a 24 hour job, 7 days a week because that’s when your customers are online. All day, every day. We are two, that’s what we do. We stay active so you are always out there interacting and making connections. Most companies have a full time connection in this position, paying them between $50K and $100K. Seriously, that’s a lot of ka-ching! But it’s also a lot of work and you need the experts. At Just Results Marketing, we make social media marketing easy by managing your social profiles at online presence. Gets the maximum value out of social media marketing today by letting us do the hard work for you, and save by not having a body taking up your office space, salaries, benefits, toilet paper and coffee. Our monthly management packages are designed for client who have completed an audit and technical setup with Just Results Marketing or another company. Don’t waste any time flying by the seat of your social media pants.